Overseas Humanitarian Aid

Overseas Humanitarian Aid Operating Room
Overseas Humanitarian Aid with Dr Michael Schenberg Oral Surgeon

From 2005 to 2019, Dr Schenberg organised and led teams of volunteers performing oral and maxillofacial surgery at two different hospitals in Vietnam.

In Ho Chi Minh City he worked at the OdontoMaxilloFacial Hospital, a 100-bed oral and maxillofacial surgery hospital, which services much of Southern Vietnam.

In central Vietnam, he worked at Binh Dinh General Hospital, a large 1200-bed provincial hospital.

Surgery predominantly involved management of advanced tumours of the jaws (usually ameloblastomas and fibrous dysplasia), primary and secondary management of extensive facial injuries (predominantly sustained in motor bike crashes) and orthognathic surgery.

The patients came from a range of backgrounds and areas. Most from the impoverished rural areas of the southern half of Vietnam. Some travelled up to 1,000 kilometres to reach Ho Chi Minh City for treatment and some travelled from Cambodia.